As part of the Val de Vie Group of Companies, Cape Winelands Properties (CWP), is committed to the same levels of excellence that have long been associated with Val de Vie Estate. Founded in 2006, CWP has incorporated numerous developments, resales, rentals and commercial properties in its portfolio.

Our experienced team is mandated to sell and facilitate numerous developments in the Cape Winelands and greater Cape Town, having in-depth knowledge of regional property trends.

These developments include:


Mayfair International Realty brings together top luxury real estate brokers and agents across the world.

As the first South African property company to join this exclusive network, CWP showcases properties for sale on Mayfair International Realty’s website, granting selected listings international exposure. Potential buyers looking for properties can visit Mayfair International Realty’s London office, located at Cashel House, 15 Thayer Street, London, W1U 3JT.