With South Africa’s major cities facing the challenges that come with an influx of people looking to work and live amidst urban hustle and bustle, upwardly mobile South Africans are enhancing their lifestyles by moving to the Cape Winelands, especially those that encompass the Boland. Years ago, shrewd (and, should I say, brave?) developers forecast that the Winelands would be a new frontier for housing developments. These would accommodate more than retirement living and include voluminous estates surrounded by world-class schools, retail centres, working spaces, community entertainment areas and pristine green belts. People living in lifestyle estates have access to all sorts of outdoor activities like kayaking, horse riding, padel, tennis, golf and trail running.


Winelands living

These developers were bold back then, and now there is proof that they were on the money. Numerous residential Winelands’ estates have been built to varied levels of luxury. There are different estate offerings that cater for a variety of individuals and families. Locals and foreigners are indeed showing big interest in the Winelands area.

Foreigners can affordably purchase a second home in a safe estate where they do not have to worry about their property while they are away. They become swallows in how they move around. They chase the summer back home only to return to the wonderful Winelands for our mesmerising summers. It’s a luxurious, hassle-free and exciting way to live.

But locals have also moved to our prestigious lifestyle estates. For example, the KwaZuluNatal and Gauteng riots pushed many Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria families to migrate to the area. The semigration trend has also increased the number of homeowners within the Winelands. Even some Capetonians have taken a leap and left the inner city or northern suburbs to live in beautiful, green safe estates.


Rich in amenities 

What individuals look for in terms of housing, and the living that goes beyond it, varies widely from person to person. It isn’t uncommon to see families swapping sea views for safety as well as value-formoney private schools with classes that aren’t overly full and outdoor experiences. There are also plenty of public schools that are renowned for their excellence in education and sport.

A top-end luxury lifestyle estate like Val de Vie in Paarl offers all sorts of amenities, many of which remain new and fresh as well as continuously maintained. Residents have access to culinary cuisine, dentists and doctors, hair and beauty stylists and sports facilities, such as the first ever padel court in SA. Val de Vie’s padel community is ever-growing and the estate will be building four state-of-the-art glass padel courts later this year along with more sporting facilities, such as a second resortstyle swimming pool. Residents can make use of the padel facilities free of charge.

The key appeal to these estates is that everything is on your doorstep and your safety is a priority.



As said, the schools on offer are fantastic. For example in Paarl, the most developed economy of the Winelands area, the schools range from traditional Afrikaans schools that have been around for over a century such as Paarl Boys, Paarl Girls and Gimnasium, and private schools such as Bridge House, that cater to a more international audience mix.

Certain estates like Val de Vie offer preprimary schools such as Kinderark. This is appealing for new mums who can walk their children safely to pre-school within their security estate. It’s all about convenience with people, not having to leave the estate to enter traffic early in the morning so that their children can get to school on time.

Educational investors have understood the case for opening specialised schools in estates. As said, these schools can accommodate classes of 20 children as opposed to over 40 children which has become common in the traditional suburbs of Cape Town. Teachers can lend more specialised attention to smaller classes. The schools themselves can also offer a wider array of sporting and cultural activities. Neighbouring Val de Vie is the newly established Green School, offering a unique learning experience with a campus that was built less than five years ago, highlighting the values of green living from a young age. They provide one teacher for every ten learners in the school.

Other schools such as Bridge House have a range of international students who make up the 800 students that are enrolled. This exposes children to others from different countries, enhancing their socialisation. There really is a school for every child in the Boland.


Paarl and Franschhoek

Paarl Valleij is another example of an attractive Winelands estate which is gaining in popularity. It is in the northern part of Paarl, and its mission statement says that it brings the year-round splendour of the Cape Winelands to its residents with no loadshedding along the way.



Newinbosch is a new neighbourhood development in the student town, Stellenbosch, nestled in the Boland.

It’s surrounded by vineyards and the mountainous nature reserves of Jonkershoek and Simonsberg. Newinbosch is a communitydriven development which spans the entire property ladder and price range.

Another stellar new estate is in Klapmuts in Stellenbosch. Mount Vernon Estate is surrounded by wine farms, natural dams as well as pristine vineyards with mountain views which Boland dwellers never tire of.

The estate, which includes a farm, is popular especially for its green spaces, which make up more than half of its footprint and include play parks and splash fountains. Paarl Valleij is supported by Val de Vie’s management and serves as an impressive companion estate in Paarl. Their pricing for their product that is on offer is also good value for money when compared to other neighbouring estates in the pipeline.

For those who desire something different from Paarl’s living estates, there is the likes of La Demeure Estate, located in picturesque Franschhoek, originally the French Corner of the Winelands where the French Huguenots settled centuries ago. This is one of the world’s most beautiful areas. There are very few stands left at La Demeure Estate, which is expected to be completed this month. Each stand is between 1,970 m2 and 3,932 m2 in size and is priced from R5m.

Phase One of the development launched in November 2022 and plots have sold quickly. Klapmuts is a quieter suburb in Stellenbosch. However it’s very central, and Mount Vernon is set to be one of the more laid-back estates in the Boland.

Beyond large estates, there are various smaller apartment developments. These include 2 on Tabak and the new Legaro development, Drakenzicht, which includes villas and penthouses.

These numerous Boland housing developments are supported by an influx of modern retail developments. These include the Drakenstein Sentrum – developed and owned by Shoprite. Its anchor tenants are a blue-line Checkers and Woolworths. There is also free parking. Drakenstein is a highly appealing community centre. It also hosts a Bootleggers, Salmon & Brine restaurant, a Clicks and a Sorbet.

Another centre is being developed across the road. Its anchors will be Pick n Pay and Dis-Chem. Other retail tenants will include restaurants and a bookstore.

The Boland truly offers everybody something different. Lifestyle estates in the Boland are very appealing for families as estates are generally child-friendly. For instance, everyone drives slower to adhere to estate rules which is great for children who are riding on their bikes and not with adults. Some estates have studios where dance classes and Pilates are on offer. There are also family-friendly events and sport days such as 5km fun runs, as well as blood donation drives.

It’s impressive that two South African estates have been named in New World Wealth’s top ten lifestyle estates for 2023. Steyn City in Gauteng and Val de Vie in the Western Cape are the two South African estates in New World’s Wealth’s list. The Boland is making a name on the international stage for estate living.

Val de Vie is a piece of South African real estate which we can be proud of.

As previously mentioned, the estate opened the first padel court in South Africa in 2019 which shows how ahead of other estates in the country it was. They continue to innovate and implement new and unique amenities which is probably the reason why you can regularly log onto Property24 and see zero houses available to rent. Demand is high and supply is low. It also contributes to the incredible capital growth that homeowners are achieving in a short space of time.

Val de Vie’s developments are evergrowing and cater to a wide range of individuals. Its Evergreen lifestyle estate within the development, designed for the elderly, offers a life rights product.