Val de Vie implemented a private Water Purification Plant in December 2017. This plant purifies groundwater and supplies residents of the estate with water for household consumption. In partnership, Drakenstein Municipality and Val de Vie have acted pro-actively to ensure that Val de Vie is entirely ‘water independent’ and the water that would have been used by the estate can now be used for other needy areas in the municipality.

Irrigation technology using smart water meter systems along with innovative water saving methods by residents have resulted in significant water saving. Current water restrictions imposed by the Western Cape remain in full effect on the estate.

Val de Vie Estate forms part of a larger World Heritage Site and sustainability has been at the heart of the estate since its inception. A former sand quarry, Val de Vie Estate is today a magnificent environment with abundant birdlife and over 50 hectares of protected fynbos.

Val de Vie Estate is a proud pioneer in the conservation of water as a natural resource and providing life giving water not only to families on the estate but also to the greater Drakenstein community.